As of October 20th, 2020, we will begin accepting Christmas Loan applications. Loan funds will be available within 3-5 days of a complete application packet being submitted.
The following conditions apply:
• You must be current on all of your loans with Spokane Tribal Credit to qualify.
• $800.00 for Spokane tribal members who are tribally employed with payroll deduction capabilities and good payment history.
• $400.00 for Spokane tribal members with good payment history and do not have payroll deduction capabilities.
• This loan will be expected to be paid back within a 6-month time frame.

We will continue to offer the Christmas Loan until December 18, 2020.
Applications received after December 18, 2020 will not qualify as a Christmas Loan and will be denied.

Please read carefully: All applicants must fill out an application and provide proof of income, and verification of tribal enrollment. Each applicant must be able to meet our policy that determines ability to repay the loan, such as debt to income ratios and ability to pay.  This loan can be in addition to other loans an individual may have with Tribal Credit, so long as the applicant meets the above conditions.